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Uber when Central trade unions call for an All India strike

So what do you do when you end up in a city and is welcomed by the All India strike ? Use Uber! That's exactly what I ended up doing yesterday.

Uber when autos on strike

(Source: Chugh)

Here's my story of moving around in the city of Bangalore yesterday.

As ...

Debugging the Tryton client on a mac

If you use a mac for Tryton development, you have two choices of using the Tryton client:

  1. Download the pre-baked application from Tryton downloads.
  2. Build the tryton client on a mac. This is inevitable if you want to develop on the tryton client or fix a bug in it.

Why ...

Using pytest and webtest with nereid

I came across webtest a few weeks back when hacking on a flask project and I instantly knew that most nereid tests were functional tests and they could be better written with webtest. Since pytest has become the preferred way of writing tests in Tryton, this post combines both to ...

TDD, flask and the pypa sprint at pycon 2014

Thanks to a controversial post by David Hansson declaring the death of test driven development, and the google hangout by David, Kent Beck and Martin Fowler that I finally have gathered the courage to write this post.

I had the opportunity to sprint with the python packaging authority (pypa) team ...

The Tryton Web Client

The subject has been a topic of immense interest since 2008, and some even believe that Tryton would have had a wider acceptance if it had a web client. And with a lot of sarcasm Stefan Rijnhart tweeted a few days back:

Thanks to the motivation by Stefan, I finally ...

I created this blog in 2006

I created this blog in 2006, when I thought I should start scribbling my thoughts somewhere.... But it took me this Jan of 2009 to draft this first blog. (I hope it just does make it out of the drafts)

If my concern in 2006 was 'What to blog?', today ...